Schmidt Erosion Control

Affordable, Durable, FILLED Sand Bags

This is How the Sand Bags are Filled:


The sand plant is inside a warehouse to ensure the premium quality sand bags.


The sand is placed on the screen and filtered into the holding box.  This removes any debris, including small rocks. 



The sand is then transported on the conveyor belt to the filling station.

Bags on Conveyor


At the filling station, the bags are placed on tubes and sand is blown into the bags until they are full.  Then they are slid backward onto another conveyor belt and transported to the stacking area.

Rotation / Stacking


In the stacking area, the bags are counted and positioned for placement on the pallet.


This pallet has been partially filled.  After the 7th layer has been completed, it will be lowered and placed in a waiting area.  An empty pallet will be shuttled over, raised, and ready for the next load.


The pallets are waiting to go to the next station and be shrink wrapped.


A plastic sheet is placed over the top of the pallet and it is set on the spinner.  The end of the shrink wrap is tucked under the bags, and the spinning begins.  The machine has been programmed to ensure complete coverage for transportation.


These pallets are ready to be moved to a holding area for shipping.